Online shopping. Rapidly becoming one of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures. Don’t deny it! We know you love it, because we do too! The ease and convenience of online shopping caused it’s popularity to skyrocket above traditional in-store shopping. Any company with a product to sell must provide an eCommerce option for purchasing that product. In fact, it’s an integral part of the overall company development. Because it’s so important, new companies want to make sure they are partnering with digital marketing companies that are able to develop top-notch eCommerce for their product from the get-go. Which means there is an ever-growing and ever-important demand for digital marketing companies to provide, and excel at, eCommerce development services.


That’s why eCommerce development has become an invaluable skill in the digital marketing world. It’s also a skill that involves more than just building a website. It means having knowledge and understanding of user experience, target audiences, and cultivating revenue growth. So being recognized by DesignRush as one of the top up-and-coming eCommerce development companies in the US is no small feat—and GB takes great pride in that recognition. At GB, we understand how important eCommerce is. It is the foundation on which a new company will build itself; and without it, that company will surely crumble. That’s why GB not only provides eCommerce site development, we also specialize in eCommerce strategic digital marketing campaigns as well, including SEO strategy. In other words, GB is a top one-stop eCommerce shop!


Here are some examples of the excellent eCommerce sites developed by GB.

Karen Klein Candles

de Mamiel Collection

The Sacred Space Miami

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