When brands are promoting products, they often seem like they’re trying to force you to purchase. Research shows that 83 percent of people trust their peers, while only 62 percent trust a TV commercial.

“Influencers” are viewed as like-minded peers.

Businesses will tell you the reasons why you should buy their product, but influencers show how those products fit into your everyday life. So, why exactly does influencer marketing work so well?

When a friend tells you about a product or a service they are using and they share their experience, that’s word of mouth marketing. It’s highly effective because it comes from a source you know and trust.

With Influencer Marketing, all of the same basic principles are applied. When you follow a person on platforms like Instagram, you feel like you know them. So, when your favorite influencer recommends a product or service they truly believe in, it’s only natural that you would trust them. Unless you get the feeling they are being paid to say they believe in it, which can happen. About half of those considered “Influencers” receive four to five offers a month from companies asking them to endorse their product.

GB can help navigate this new type of marketing. We’ve been recognized as a Top Social Media Marketing Company because we look at the value of the product or service, think about how it benefits the client, and try to share real life experience with things like case studies or even using the product ourselves. We get in touch with Influencers and build strategies around demonstrating the real world value and we don’t endorse anything we don’t believe in. It’s a part of our “Good Business” mindset.

So how can GB Agency help you do “Good Business”? Contact us for a free consultation and let’s chat.

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