Now event management may seem like a highly lucrative field; but if you’ve dabbled in it long enough you’ll know that promoting an event is no less than a Herculean task. Events do not sell themselves, it is as simple as that. You may have a mind blowing concept which is sure to bowl over audiences, but what use is that if you manage to sell only a handful of tickets? Well, don’t lose hope just yet. A splendid event marketing strategy is just what you need to lead your event to success and sell your tickets online. Event marketing isn’t as easy as it seems – it is not just about using the resources at hand, like social media, to advertise your event, it is about having a marketing strategy that is driven by a solid timeline and clever tactics. Remember, no two events are the same; never make the mistake of generalizing your event strategies, that would be a grave error on your part. If you’re still confused about how to proceed with event campaign, these pointers could come in handy. Pre-Event Planning The pre event stage is critical, since this will make or break your event. Most people make the mistake of starting the marketing campaign when the event is ready to be launched. You need to get the word out even before the details of the event have been finalized. So what if the trivial details haven’t been decided yet? You can still start a page online, and keep updating the page as and when the details are finalized. For example, you could have your page SEO optimized, and that would definitely increase the traffic to your page. Blog posts to the official page also form an important part of the marketing campaign. An important part of the pre event marketing is the partner outreach. You must reach out to as many companies and collaborators for partnership; that would amp up your resources which would be helpful in the next stage of the planning. The Main Event Just before the launch of the event, you could start an email campaign, that would reach out to your target audience. When people visit the page you’ve created, they get the option of signing up. You could send out an email blast to all those who’ve signed up, including your potential clients. If you have some idea about PR, you’ll know how important a press release is. When your event has been launched, you could send out an official press release to all the eminent media houses to ensure maximum publicity. For more press coverage, you could even opt for search engine optimization which would bring your event into the spotlight.   It’s A Continuous Process Paid promotion is a continuous process; you need to take every day into account, and plan your strategy beforehand. For instance, you could make use of social posts and blogging to give your marketing a boost. You have your attendee referral, don’t you? Keep that in mind while devising your marketing plans. Google adverts and google adwords would be a great way to promote your event in this particular stage.  This is a trying time for you as an event manager, you need to pull your socks up and  give it all you’ve got! The above roadmap could come to your rescue if you’re totally lost about how to plan your event marketing strategy. Official pages, blogs, email marketing, social posts, SEO, attendee referrals, paid promotion – there’s so much to take into consideration! Only a well thought out plan could help you with your endeavour. So go ahead, chalk out the perfect marketing strategy for your upcoming event! Interested in a free consultation? Click here and we’ll contact you ASAP

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