The best businesses come with a great back story and Maddyloo is no different. Their hair ties business was born in Jon and Honeya Samnick’s kitchen when they were dating. It was named after Honeya’s daughter and has gone from strength to strength since. 

Hair ties is a resilient category. Although it’s trending strongly right now, rather than dying it just dips occassionally until the next fashion or style in ties starts trending again. Maddyloo sits at the forefront of that trend curve by creating new designs and private labeling. In contrast to the mass imported ties, all Maddyloo products are made in Beverly Hills, CA, but still manage to have the largest selection and lowest cost in the category. That’s one of the reasons why they’ve been featured on the Today Show, People, US Weekly, Glamour, Seventeen, and Lucky.

During a recent product test-drive with a lucky 5 year old (pictured), it was noted that “they they don’t pull out the hair, they slide off easily, whereas other rubber bands, even the ones that are supposed to be snag-free, end up pulling hair out. They’d be great and easy for Dads ,who normally struggle when they have to do their daughters’ hair.”

But the breadth of the category is matched by Maddyloo’s lines – they’re target market spans all ages.

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