Thanksgiving marketing shouldn’t just be about Black Friday. We’re certainly not saying that you can’t get in on the money making but we would encourage you to go further and consider giving thanks to your customers during the holiday.

Just as Patagonia donated 100 percent of its 2016 global Black Friday sales to nonprofits benefiting the planet or Walmart’s #WellWishes 2017 campaign that donated 1$ to the Children’s Miracle Network with every purchase made from the Kraft brand. Businesses both big and small have the opportunity to give back to customers. We’ve come up with a few samples to inspire you on how to start your own campaign in the spirit of giving thanks.

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

Everyone enjoys a good meal and the holidays usually bring family and friends together and Thanksgiving is no different. Last year, Wix gave thanks by hosting a free dinner for members of the San Francisco community. Have you considered hosting some sort of Thanksgiving event to say thanks to all your current clients and maybe some potential ones as well?

Show Your Gratitude

Say “thank you’ to clients on your active social media platforms, give them a shout out. Thanking them in a personalized manner can really go a long way. And ff you really want to go above zero, try writing individual thank you notes to your best clients and show them how thankful you are.

Be Generous

Your customers give you so much so find a way this holiday to give back, even something as little as a frozen turkey. Turn their advocacy for your brand into a contest by asking them to like and retweet a photo or to send in pictures of their family dinner. As long as the message fits in with your company’s brand, you’re golden.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Get festive by using Thanksgiving themed hashtags or using Thanksgiving inspired content. Show your customers how much you enjoy the holiday.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be thankful already!

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