When it comes to web development you are bound to experience constant changes and updates in the designs every year. In fact, the updates and trends are constantly changing and it is going to be the same for the upcoming year of 2019. With constant growth and development, more and more people are realizing how important it is to stay ahead of the competition through web development. Creating valuable content, engaging the audience and good web experience is something web development creates for the audience. Having a responsive website increases the chances of conversion; people who are visiting your website must find a reason to turn into your regular customers. This is where web development comes into action, web developers constantly keep themselves updated with the ongoing trends and algorithms in order to engage the audiences. However, with constant changes and improvements in the world of web development, it becomes quite tough for businesses to keep up with the trends in order to have a steady conversion rate. Thereby, it is important for web developers to constantly stay updated keeping in mind the trends and the requirements of their customers. Static website generators Well, as a web developer you would already know about static website generators. The trend is surely going to be reflected on most of the websites in 2019. Static website generators are used to develop a website with plain texts that are generally stored in files. In many cases, the static websites that are built using generators give you an advantage of better loading speed, safety, and easy traffic handling. But website built using these generators are not user-friendly and offer lesser options for the audience to engage which has become very important these days. Many developers believe having static website generators will prove to be a breakthrough when it comes to web development. Intelligent Chatbots Chatbots are commonly referred to as intelligent Chatbots that provide a way for the people to converse in the same way as if you are talking to a customer care executive. The Chatbots are supported by artificial intelligence and are also referred to as an intelligent agent. Through AI all the questions and doubts of the customers can be cleared in the best possible way. The Chatbots are here to help your customers through intelligent answering abilities that are backed by examples and instinctive sources.  Not just that they help and guide the customers through the services, offers, and provide solutions to their problems. In the coming years, having Chatbots for your website is something that is going to get more popular worldwide, as it can definitely help in conversions. Progressive Web Apps Progressive Web App that utilizes modern web abilities to provide an experience that is similar to the application in mobile phones. The features that progressive web apps provide are same as mobile applications, like offline support, a camera without needing to download these features from App store or Play store. They work for every user despite the choice of browser they choose as these web apps are built progressively enhancing as a core tenet. In addition, they offer the responsiveness which is a must have to reach out to the maximum amount of people. Also, push notification makes engaging a lot easier and navigable for the user. JavaScript frameworks JavaScript frameworks have been trending for a while now and it seems like they will continue to rule in 2019 as well. More and more web developers are using JavaScript frameworks as it has easier and more adaptable functions to offer. Dues to features like these more and more developers are using to create cleaner, responsive sites that are free from errors. Features like closures, callbacks, RAILS are readily available with a quick and reliable approach. Evolution in web designing Web designing field continues to change with the upcoming trends that seem to be fit for a particular business. The upcoming year is going to experience new changes in the field of web designing as well. Some of the most prominent features that you are most likely to witness are: * Bolder and more prominent typography is going to get more popular when it comes to web designing. * Most people tend to engage to content that seems to be convincing and can also give relative information to them.  Videos and illustrations that can give a better insight to the users will get more popular. * Interfaces based on movement will get more popular. Mobile-driven approach In 2018 an average American spends around 3 hours 35 minutes every day on mobile devices and the time is going to rise by 11 minutes in the coming years. The numbers are clear to understand how important it is have a website that is responsive to mobile devices as well. Surely, the web experience is completely different than mobile devices. And, there are a lot of potential users that are going to approach you through mobile devices. So, it becomes very important to provide an improved and bug-free experience to the mobile users as well. Interested in a free consultation? Click here and we’ll contact you ASAP

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