It’s the age-old problem that agencies face – how to balance what the client wants against what we, as the experts, believe they need.

The answer is relatively simple, it’s both. Clients know their business better than we do, so to presume that they are wrong in their assumptions is the first mistake and it’s one that so many agencies make. Clients clearly know their needs. They understand their business, the model, their product or service, the client and the value proposition. They may, however, need assistance piecing it all together. 

That’s where GB comes in. We’re past masters at what we call “Good Business.” It’s the ethos that binds our agency and makes clients come back to us time and time again. 

Simply put, “Good Business” means understanding our client and realizing their dreams, with a  major caveat: trust and friendliness. We believe that when our clients entrust us (which is why they appointed us in the first place), we are set up to succeed. We take their knowledge, implant our own and come up with strategies and innovative creativity that they may not have thought of. But it needs cooperation and friendly business – otherwise why do we bother? We don’t do adversarial and we make a point to avoid it.

We are able to help clients navigate the path to higher success by trusting their business and combining it with our own special brand of strategy. Sometimes we may not be reinventing the wheel and sometimes we may need to come up with truly unique solutions to our clients’ business challenges, because it’s not just about marketing – it’s about solving real world challenges with a holistic mix of marketing channels and solutions.

Talk to us – we won’t tell you that you’re wrong – we’ll simply help you construct the right equation from the variables you already have. QED.

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