If you’re going to run a business in this day and age, you’re going to need a website. There’s no getting around it. As consumers, we need to be able to access websites to see your business’s contact information, how much your services cost, or if that delicious meatloaf sandwich I ate last fall is still on the menu. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “We’ll just make the website ourselves. How hard can it be?” DON’T. This is not a DIY moment. A poorly made website is worse than having no website at all.

We’ve discussed this before. People do not want to work any harder than they already have to in effort to obtain information. If your site does not appear maneuverable, secure, and professional, they will simply go elsewhere. You’re not only losing online business, you’re losing out on storefront business as well. It’s a double whammy and while it is important to demonstrate credibility and generate sales through your site, there a several other factors that you need to consider as to why you need a professionally created site.

Personalized Design
Your business and your brand are unique so why on Earth would you go with a generic website design?! When you hire a professional design agency, you get what you pay for. They will look at your business, your products and your goals to develop a website that suits you. It’s their job to customize a site that meets your specific needs. The “prepackaged” site designs are severely limited in the text and graphic department. We’re not bound by these kind of restrictions.

Visual Features
Believe it or not, there’s a science to all of this. Too many images, not enough? What about usability? Everything down to the colors and graphics can inhibit a potential customer from action. A professional web developer can determine the proper color scheme, text, and navigation that will work best for your business.

Ever Changing Mechanics
Technology is evolving every day and who better to understand these new trends than a professional web designer? A web designer will use the latest advancements to create your site. Unlike many DIY site builders, a web designer has the ability to add video, social media feeds, and custom features. Whatever your heart desires!

SEO Compliant
Search Engine Optimization: learn it, know it, live it. You want people to be able to actually find your website easily. When you hire a professional web designer, they can rank your site higher on search engines allowing potential clients to locate it.

Website Maintenance
What keeps a good website up and running is not only on the surface. Regular updates and security compliance are key components to your websites success, but they aren’t the “pretty” things your user sees. If your website is constantly down, broken, or not secure – people will be wary of working with your company.

Just because a site is up and running does not mean that there won’t be a need for maintenance in the future. Not only does your website need to continue to operate correctly, it needs to stay current and up-to-date with trends. In the web development world, what used to work 5 years ago is not going to fly today. Your business adapts this way so why wouldn’t your website? We can help you stay fresh and relevant with constant attention.

A poorly constructed website can be hazardous. There’s no need for that kind of risky business when professional website creation is cost-effective and easily accessible with GB Agency.

Seeing is believing. Take a look at some people who thought they could build their own site here. Then, have a look at a gorgeous website we recently did at www.graykunz.com

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