Now that school is back in session, Halloween is right around the corner, and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it which means Christmas is tomorrow. As the seasons change, holidays and events will impact consumers’ bank accounts. There’s no escaping the holiday season. It’s important to remember that your perfect customer base will simply spend less at certain points in a year.

Spending less may seem like a normal part of life as a consumer, but it can be incredibly painful as a business owner. The level of uncertainty that comes with the roller coaster spending of customers can heavily impact your company’s budget and long term goals. You need to connect with you key demographic of buyers and plan ahead. Do the extra work and consider how to tailor your marketing efforts for every season, year round.

Understanding that consumers will be inclined to spend more money during certain periods of time and times where they will spend significantly less is only one piece of the puzzle. Making comprehensive and targeted improvements to your content marketing strategy will enhance every aspect of your business. Changing your marketing strategies along with the seasons will keep your content fresh and new. By considering your consumer’s spending habits, you can adapt your approach to what they will need throughout each season.

For example, let’s say you run a landscaping business: you know that the winter months are your slowest. Look for opportunities to optimize exposure to your base. Take advantage of the off season to stay connected with your clients with surveys or looking for other potential areas to expand in. Consider the possibility of offering snow removal or deicing services. If the summer months are your company’s off season, think about how you can increase your brand recognition by sponsoring a music festival or some type of local sporting event. Continue to make an effort to connect, personally, with potential clients.

Go further and analyze when you see the least amount of foot traffic in store or when increased traffic occurs on your website? Do your web analytics reflect what your consumers are interested in? All this gathered info can help you keep a conversation with customers during the slow months. Make use of content marketing strategies to reward customer loyalty with seasonal promos or deals during your off-peak season.

It is never too early to plan for the future. Take advantage of every opportunity to provide your target audience with the most important information they need for the season they’re in.

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