Trade shows…It can be a love/hate relationship. They can be hectic and costly: exhibit display, renting a space, electrical or AV orders, drayage, promotional items, travel, accommodations, ground transport, etc. It can all add up quickly and yet we still take the time and money to attend them. Why? The ROI on trade shows and conventions present an opportunity for more exposure, more customers and more insight into what your competitors are doing.

So if you’re on the fence about whether trade shows are for you and your business, here’s a few reasons to show you how advantageous this marketing strategy really is.

Trade shows and conferences have the potential to draw in hundreds of thousands of people. What this really means is that there are hundreds of thousands of possible buyers visiting your booth over the course of 2-3 days that you normally wouldn’t be able to make contact with using any other kind of marketing technique in a similar time frame. It’s a numbers game and the odds are in your favor.

Direct Promotion
We use ads and brochures to indirectly promote our goods and services. Trade shows and conventions allow us to use more than one form of communication. You can explain and sell your products and services directly to customers. This kind of face to face promotion gains more traction than any brochure or flyer ever could. Questions can be answered on the spot and relationships can be established right then and there.

Face to Face Communication
We touched on this briefly above, but this is really the best method when it comes to selling your business. Questions can be answered on the spot and you can quash any doubts that potential clients may have. You’re able to start a dialogue and establish relationships right then and there.

Cost Effective
We know money doesn’t grow on trees but when you look at the ratio of money spent vs. the sales generated, it truly is the most cost effective form of advertising out there.

Trade shows and conventions are the best way for you to see what else is happening in your line of business and how your company is measuring up. Consider how others are exhibiting and what their booths look like, then you can get a better sense of marketing campaigns that work and those that don’t.

The initial investment of marketing your business at a trade show is worth it. With a custom-designed exhibit from GB Agency, your company will be well on its way to reaping the rewards of a great trade show marketing campaign.

For more information on how GB Agency can help your company maximize trade show ROI, click here.

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