It’s Sunday morning and you are looking for a brunch spot close by, do you:
A. Plop down at your desktop and search brunch restaurants on Yelp
B. Use your smartphone and ask Siri

The most common is response is B. You ask Siri.

Whether you’re playing Words With Friends or Googling your ex, mobile devices are king. They are the most preferred way of accessing the internet. So it only makes sense that your business needs to have a mobile approach to marketing. It’s pretty simple, mobile marketing is when users are able to connect to a business through the use of a mobile device like with mobile apps and mobile-ready websites. We’re going to take a look at some of the fundamentals of mobile marketing and why your business needs it.

What is the first thing you do each morning? You check your phone, right? It is a ritual that almost everyone participates in: we check our email and cruise through our social media all from the comfort of our own beds. From push notifications to text messages, mobile marketing is the best way to to effectively reach your customers throughout the day.

Personal Touch
For a majority of the public, their mobile device is never more than an arm’s reach away, if that, at any given moment. It’s a growing trend. Our phones are personal property, it’s where we keep our family photos, our contacts, our to-do lists. So if you insert yourself and your company into your customers’ devices, you become deep-seated with familiarity. It’s extrinsic and it works.

Rapid Response
On average, text messages are read in three minutes or less after being received. There’s a feeling of excitement we experience when we receive a text message, mainly because we don’t know who the sender is. Is it from your date from last night or from your mother? The possibilities are endless and we love to guess. Mobile Marketing allows your business to be part of that adrenaline rush.

The days of heading to the mall for all your shopping needs are fading. Now we make purchases in our sweatpants on our phones. Research shows that mobile app shopping is the favored option. I mean, who doesn’t have the Amazon app on their phone these days? From this data we can gather that you have got to get in the mobile marketing game in order to keep your customers satisfied. A great way to encourage e-commerce is by sending push notifications and text messages with links to products or promotions. Your customers simply click and are instantly carried straight to your virtual storefront, no searching necessary.

Cost Effective
From television to printed publication, advertising your business is EXPENSIVE. The beauty of mobile marketing is that you avoid the cost of airtime, the billboard fees, print costs and so on. You just pay the one time fee for a service like push notifications or text messaging and then you’re on your way to reaching customers with the simple touch of a button.

Make no mistake, mobile marketing is a game changer. As the number of mobile device users increase, the marketing world has to adapt. So what are you waiting for?

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