Back in the balmy days of May, we talked long hair looks, but right now, if you feel shaggy and sweaty, you may be coveting a shorter look to get you through the sweltering weather. Summer is the perfect time to consult your Eighteen Eight stylist for a bold new look that will keep you looking and feeling cool. Let’s take a look at some of the options…

Disconnected/French Crop/Undercut

These style variations all involve leaving more length through the top and/or sides. They have classic roots (pun intended) while looking modern. Discuss with your stylist how far you want to go – for inspiration, look no further than your Netflix queue. Peaky Blinders, set in post-WWI Birmingham has some snazzy gangster-style cuts, especially Cillian Murphy’s deep undercut.

Slicked Back

Mad Men may have ended, but Don Draper’s style is forever. The longer, slicked back look works well for summer because it keeps hair off your face and using a dense product holds it in place through humidity. This is a great middle ground if you’re not quite up for going super short or undercut. It allows more variety in styling as well, depending on the occasion. You might slick back for work, then tousle and style for height and volume during your off time.

The Buzz Cut

This clean, masculine style works especially well for guys who are ultra low-maintenance and/or ultra-busy. However, have an honest talk with your stylist. Hair length may need to be tweaked for best visual harmony – you might look best with a uniform length all over (a ‘butch cut’) or a slight difference between the top and sides (a ‘flattop’ or ‘crew cut’).

And then there’s always just shaving your head. Still have an Eighteen Eight professional do this for you in order to keep it neat and safe. Summer can be the perfect time to try shaving it all off; if you don’t like it, it will grow back by fall but you might like it so much you keep it through winter and just buy a few more warm hats.

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